This blog is where I put my heart.

I am a full-time mother of two, part-time Sign Language Interpreter and breastfeeding/birth advocate who enjoys yoga and photography. All of these aspects came together to create The Good Body Project.

The purpose of this project is to promote positive body image and emphasize the amazing things that our bodies can do. No subject will be left untouched; birth/death, sexuality/gender, recovery/healing, anything that normalizes our bodies and helps us celebrate their differences.

Throughout my experience with yoga and becoming a mother I have seen the estranged relationship that most of us have with our bodies. I have seen our bodies undervalued, oppressed and abused. I want to see our flaws and differences celebrated and cherished. We have GOOD BODIES! Though they may look different, all bodies come with an expiration date. Let’s take time to, love and celebrate the things that our bodies give us and accept the things that they don’t.

I am learning to use my camera and working to improve my use of light. This means that you will (hopefully) be able to see my photography improve and progress.

Dancing with my two girls

Dancing with my two girls


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